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Cauliflower - 1 pc.




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Cauliflower is low in calories, about 25 per 100 grams, making it ideal for people who need to follow a low-calorie diet. 

Cauliflower has many properties: it has high levels of minerals (such as potassium), folic acid, fibre, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin C. It is used to prevent many diseases. It is used to prevent many diseases: it contains anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant active ingredients. 

Eating cauliflower helps against hypertension, as this food lowers blood pressure thanks to its amino acid content. In addition, the vitamin K content helps to increase concentration and, more generally, helps mental functions, preventing damage to the nervous system.

Cauliflower is also very beneficial to bone health, being an excellent source of minerals for the body.

Cauliflower also has purifying, remineralising and tissue regenerating properties. And that's not all: the chlorophyll in which it is rich also promotes the production of haemoglobin.

Finally, it is useful in combating bronchitis, colitis, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, diarrhoea, gastric, intestinal, muscular and rheumatic pains.

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