Natural lemons

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Organic lemons

Pack: 500 gr. 1 kg. 5 kg.

Edible peel



Prodotti freschi e naturali, controllati periodicamente e garantiti da noi di Biotesoro


Juicy, fragrant, real!

All the goodness of our citrus fruits, and nothing is thrown away!

You can use the peel to prepare delicious cakes, candied fruit, or extract essential oils.

Our lemons are harvested after receipt of the order and shipped within 10 hours of harvesting to arrive fresh and tasty.

Why is it good to consume lemons?

The lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C: 50 mg of vitamin C in 100 g of fresh lemon. Vitamin C is very important for health, but vitamin C degrades very quickly and storing lemons in the refrigerator can not keep the vitamin C 100% intact. Lemon also contains: fructose, glucose, mineral salts, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, manganese, carotene and vitamins B and A group.

You can use every part of the lemon, from the fruit, leaves, flowers, juice. Lemon juice has disinfectant, thirst quenching and refreshing properties. It helps to purify and fluidify the blood, making the arteries more elastic and helps to assimilate calcium. Lemon helps to lose weight and detoxify the body thanks to its astringent and diuretic properties. The main property of the lemon is to regularize and balance the metabolism and digestive functions in particular. The lemon is rich in vitamin C, and every day you should take the juice of a lemon, to prevent bone and dental weakness, anemia, muscle weakness, heart muscle weakness, calcium deficiency, scurvy.

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